Student Learning Centre.


For each unit of study required to complete your course there is a need for you to provide evidence of your learning.The course is provided via RTA’s on line learning system and all students must have access to a computer and have some basic skills in the use of a computer.

Apprentices need to complete and submit the following.

1. Online quiz or quizzes

2. Activity (only in units that require)

3. Online practical knowledge quiz

4. Practical assessment/observation

5. Photo or video evidence


Online quiz or quizzes

Each unit has at least one quiz to complete. There is learning material for each quiz which should be read prior to beginning the quizzes.

The quizzes address the required learning criteria and are usually made up of multiple choice questions, matching answers, fill in the missing word and true or false type questions.

once completed you must submit your quiz by clicking the button at the bottom of the quiz.

The quiz is automatically marked and your results are instantly provided upon submitting.


In select units (not all) activities are provided for you to complete. These are usually an interactive pdf that you can download and fill out on your screen. Save the document and upload this file in the Upload section of your unit. Its a drag and drop uploader and is very easy to use.

This is marked by your assessor and you will see your results upon marking.

Online practical knowledge quiz

Practical knowledge quizzes address the practical knowledge of the unit. This is where you can write in your own words to provide your assessor with a demonstration of your knowledge. You typically write a couple of sentences to address the question or provide a list of items when asked. Make sure to read the question carefully.

This is marked by your assessor and you will see your results upon marking.

Practical assessment/observation

The practical is designed for workplace apprentices who are working under the supervision of a workplace supervisor. The practical assessment is designed to meet the practical criteria of the course. The workplace supervisor is responsible for validating the skills of the apprentice and this work sheet is to be printed out and given to the workplace supervisor to complete.

The apprentice and the supervisor need to sign the sheet and submit to the Asessor. This can be uploaded or handed to the Assessor when the work place site visit occurs.

Photo or video evidence

Each unit requires an apprentice to provide evidence of your activities in the workplace. Photos or videos are required. 1 or 2 photos will be enough, as the idiom states "a picture is worth a thousand words".

If you are unsure of what to photograph or video, please refer to the Practical assessment/observation sheet and read the performance evidence to gauge the types of activity that you can get a photo of. Otherwise ask your Assessor.

Photos can be dragged and dropped to the uploader that is in each unit.