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This section leads to the student enrolment system. You can check your enrolment details, complete enrolments and update your information here.

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The RTA enrollment process is completed digitally with our online student management system enrollment portal. The system will ask to collect data and personal information for the purpose of providing information to the relevant state government departments under which the qualifications are subsidised or may be subsidised.

Notification of Enrolment Process (NSW Only)

Check Eligibility

Consent of prospective student to the training services NSW use of their personal information either verbally to the enrolling officer or digitally acknowledging to consent to use and disclose personal information, via the online enrollment system. Upon determining eligibility RTA will use the STS online (provider calculation) to validate eligibility and fees chargeable. 

A copy of the notification of enrolment report will be kept by RTA and a copy provided to the student.
The prospective student must sign a declaration confirming:
All information provided with each notification of enrolment process is true, accurate , complete and not misleading in any way.

There are no subcontracting arrangements and
The calculated fee chargeable has been provided for the proposed course enquiry.

Successful completion of notification of enrolment process will result in the issue of the commitment ID prior to student commencement of training.

A consent and a declaration must be made during this process in which the prospective student is to confirm that they have received and had been granted access to information regarding fees and other policies. 

A unique Student Identifier "USI" will be needed to complete the enrollment, the enrollment system will guide you to teh USI website to obtain or retrieve your USI.

Student information is available via the policies and procedures available on this website as digital documents.