There are three good reasons financially to sign up your staff to the workplace apprenticeship. I thought you may appreciate this inforamtion!

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WorkCover - Apprentice discount

From 1 July 2017 WorkCover is implementing an ‘apprentice discount’ which will offer savings to employers who employ apprentices by removing apprentice wages from their premium calculation. Wages are a major factor in an employer’s premium calculation, so removing wages via the apprentice discount will result in a cheaper premium.

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Payroll Tax - Apprentice and trainee rebate

The wages you pay to apprentices and trainees are generally exempt from payroll tax. As an employer of exempt apprentices and trainees, you can also claim a payroll tax rebate that reduces your periodic liability.
For 2016-17 and 2017-18, you can work out the rebate by multiplying 50% of the total wages paid to apprentices and trainees by 4.75% (payroll tax rate) for each return period in the applicable financial years.

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Please seek advice form your Accountant on these matters to make sure your taking advantage of these great exemptions.

Did You know that the Government offers Cash incentives to employers of apprentices.

That's right, Because Picture Framing is on the National Skills Needs list payments are available to eligible Businesses of:

$1500 Commencement      
$1000 Regional allowance (National Skills Needs List)
$4000 12 month point (if over 25)
$2500 Completion               

In the case of a regionally based business with a staff member over 25 years old the eligible business could receive $9,000.

There are also Student Help Loans of up to $20,000. Interest free for apprentices. Only repayable upon the earnings exceeding the threshold of approximately $42,000.

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You want to know more, where to from here?

You have employees that are interested in the course! "Great news...."
Call or email Regional Trade Assessments and we will assist you in getting the ball rolling. Its an easy process to get an apprentice signed up.
If your keen to jump straight in and be proactive in your pursuit for a Qualification, call me today to apply for a spot in the course.

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